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Oct 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
ronald reagan uttered that one line. president obama hopes that one exception is the only one. >> that debate. what happened? >> coverager romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> it's not the first time i had a bad night. what is important is the fundamental of what this race is about haven't changed. >> karl rove wrote that the first debate will be seen as the decision point in this election. do we make too big a deal out of debates? or does mr. rove have a point? >> we make too big a deal in that it's hard to argue that debates test or reveal aptitudes that are pertinent to the performance of presidential duties. debates are now semiconstitutional events. you cannot become president without participating. clearly, in close elections, '60, '76, 2000, it's plausible to say they caused enough change to be the margin of difference. with regard to this year's, it's too soon to say whether the surge mitt romney got from his debate performance is enough or not. if it is durable, it will be because what happens in debates that matter, they catalyze and inchoate feeling the
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
and also to the great ronald reagan. >> and later "this week's" other big debate. >> american foreign policy has been to go into the middle east and try to buy friends. does that ever work. >> yeah, we can buy friends. >> i think it works. >> bill o'reilly live in our no-spin zone. [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey to financial independence. ♪ whether you're just beginning the journey... ♪ ...starting a family... ♪ ...or entering a new chapter of your life. while the journey is yours, pacific life can help you protect and grow the assets you'll need along the way. to learn how, visit pacific life. the power to help you succeed. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving
Oct 7, 2012 8:00am PDT
the way, as you know, when tip o'neill was the speaker of the house and ronald reagan was the president of the united states, and they worked together on a very important and significant tax reform. we believe that it's time for that again and that you can do that working across the aisle. obviously governor romney, if he becomes president, would hope to have republican majorities in the house and the senate, but you would have to work across the aisle, and we believe it can be done and there are six studies that show it can. >> but the promise that takes precedence and i do want to move on is about not increasing the deficit. you heard robert gibbs talk about big bird and the targeting of big bird by governor romney. coming out of that pbs cited poll showing it's the most trusted public institution and it only takes about 0.01% of the federal budget and not seeing big bird show up. was it a mistake to target him? >> george, it wasn't a targeting. it was a, you know, just pointing to one example. as you know, governor romney would move us toward a balanced budget with a 5% cut
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
, ronald reagan said, there you go again, people said, he's not a madman at all. perfectly nice fellow. in 1988, when michael dukakis was asked about capital punishment and his wife, people said he's cold, he's a te technocrat. in 1992, president bush looked at his watch. and then, donna, there were the sighs or the part of al gore. people said, he's a bit of a stuffed shirt. >> in terms of the importance of "saturday night live" gore aides made gore watch the representations of his debate to show him how he was perceived. do we make too big a deal of those things? the sigh, the smiles? >> you're focused on the substance. here are the policy positions. what your opponent is saying. you get there, it's stage craft and you're like, the eyes and the movement of the hands. >> and the split screens. >> the split screens. i'm sure the president will be advised to look up, smile, and don't roll his eye, just stay foe wcused on candy crowley, as person. george mentioned, i was looking at the numbers. '84, reagan botched the first one. he said he was over trained, overprepared. not quite ready
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)